Refunds policy for services and digital products

At - Objectivetop Ltd - , we are committed to delivering exceptional services and ensuring our clients' satisfaction by optimising their Google Business Profiles, with services, digital and phisical products. We strive to provide excellent results and assist local businesses in enhancing their online presence but we offer no warranties regarding the results of our services and products. However, we understand that circumstances may arise where a refund may be necessary. 


For refunds regarding our physical products, read the dedicated policy. 


This Refunds Policy outlines the conditions and guidelines for requesting a refund for our Google Business Profile optimisation services and digital products:


1. Eligibility for Refunds:
a. Refunds will be considered for clients who have experienced a failure or unsatisfactory outcome in optimising their Google Business Profiles. 

b. Refund requests must be submitted within 30 days from the completion of the optimization service.


2. Refund Request Process:
a. To initiate a refund request, clients must contact our customer support team via the dedicated support form ( chose "I would like to request a refund" for the field "What is the general nature of your request?" ), providing detailed information regarding the issue and the reasons for the refund request.
b. We may require additional documentation or evidence to evaluate the request effectively. Clients must provide any requested information promptly to expedite the process.


3. Evaluation and Decision:
a. Our team will review the refund request and investigate the reported issue thoroughly.
b. We reserve the right to attempt to rectify the issue before processing a refund. This may include further optimization efforts or consultations with the client to address any concerns.
c. Refunds will be granted at our discretion based on the merits of each individual case.


4. Refund Approval:
a. If a refund is approved, we will notify the client via email or phone and provide information regarding the refund process, including the expected timeline for reimbursement.
b. Refunds will be issued using the original payment method used by the client for the initial purchase.


5. Non-Refundable Circumstances:
a. Refunds will not be granted for issues resulting from changes made by the client or a third party to the Google Business Profile after our optimization service.
b. Refunds will not be provided if the client fails to comply with our instructions, guidelines, or recommendations for maintaining the optimized Google Business Profile.


6. Partial Refunds:
a. In some cases, a partial refund may be granted if only a portion of the optimization service has been completed or if the issue is limited to specific aspects of the optimization.
b. The amount of the partial refund will be determined based on the extent of the issue and the work completed.


7. No Refunds for Additional Services:
a. This Refunds Policy specifically applies to the Google Business Profile optimization service. Additional services, such as ongoing maintenance, consultation, or other digital marketing services, may have separate refund policies outlined in their respective agreements or terms of service.

Please note that this Refunds Policy is subject to change at our discretion. It is the client's responsibility to review the policy periodically and remain aware of any updates.



If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our Refunds Policy, please contact our customer support team. We are committed to addressing any concerns and ensuring your satisfaction with our services.

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